East Atlanta Village Homes for Sale

East Atlanta Village is centered around the intersection of Flat Shoals Road and Glenwood Avenue just south of I-20. The village is an eclectic mix of art, commerce, restaurants and a loyal group of residents and store owners.

Located off I-20 and south of Little Five Points, East Atlanta Village (EAV) is a neighborhood that offers a quirky, diverse and unpretentious balance of living. The “village” part of this neighborhood’s moniker (aka EAV) isn’t just a cutesy realtor-invented label. This diverse, walkable pocket of the city exudes a small-town feel while boasting distinctly urban offerings, from hipster-filled tattoo parlors and late-night bars to flower shops. Says Quynh “Q” Trinh, the woman behind neighborhood banh mi joint We Suki Suki and the Global Grub Collective, a mini international food hall and restaurant incubator: “When you come to businesses here, you actually meet the owners.”

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