fulton-county-govIn the state of Georgia, owners of real property are allowed to file for a homestead exemption on their property taxes. In Fulton County (and if you live in the city limits of Atlanta) this can save you anywhere from $600-1200 per year on your property taxes. AWESOME!


Fulton County has made the process much easier, and you can now file for your exemption ON-LINE, and not in person! No more trekking to Downtown Atlanta, or the Service Centers in Alpharetta or Roswell.

How Do I File For Homestead Exemption in Fulton County Georgia

Fulton County Homestead Exemption Deadline is April 1

To be eligible for this exemption, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a legal resident in the City of Atlanta and Fulton County.
  • Must own and occupy your home as of January 1. 
  • Applies to city operating, city school operating, city parks, state QBE and county operating
  • in the amount of $30,000.

For your convenience, Basic Homestead exemptions may now be filed online. Once you have completed the form, click ‘Submit’ in the upper right-hand-corner of the page and the form will be emailed to our office. If you wish to save a copy of the form, on the menu bar select ‘File’, then ‘Save As’ and then type a name for the file. You can then email it to our office at homesteadstaff@fultoncountyga.gov.
Senior and all other special exemptions must be applied for in person at any of our four office locations.
If you prefer to mail the application, it is suggested that you use CERTIFIED MAIL. Your return receipt will serve as proof of delivery. This office cannot be responsible for slider__items lost in the mail or incorrectly postmarked. You will also need to enclose a copy of your valid Georgia identification.
Please follow the instructions below in order to properly complete the form.
1. Parcel Number – Fill in the parcel identification number. If you do not know this number, it can be found via the methods listed below.

A. By selecting the property records link on our website www.fultonassessor.org. You can then search by Name or Property Address. (Searching by property address gives a quicker search result)
B. On your previous Annual Notice of Assessment (if applicable)
C. On your previous property tax bill (if applicable)

2. Property Address – Fill in the physical address of the property

3. Owners’ Name(s) – Fill in the name(s) of the property owner(s)

4. Owner’s Address – Fill in the property owner’s address

5. Home Phone and Work Phone – Provide a good daytime contact telephone number in the event we need to contact you concerning this application

6. Social Security Number – Fill in the last 4 numbers of your social security number. If married, we also need the last 4 numbers of your spouse’s social security number.

7. Legal State of Residence – Fill in your state of residence.

A. Please email a copy of your valid GA Identification or driver’s license to homesteadstaff@fultoncountyga.gov
B. Are you claiming homestead on another property? – Use the dropdown to select yes or no)

Homestead Exemption Fulton County Midtown Atlanta GA8. Vehicles Registered in What County – List all tag numbers and counties where vehicles are registered

9. Owner/Spouse Date of Birth – List the date of birth for the owner and spouse (if applicable) Please use the format (MM-DD-YYYY)

10. Signature – Type your name as your signature and date the application

You can find a link to the Homestead Exemption form at the Fulton County Assessors Office HERE.