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Shawn Penoyer Handles Mergers @ Acquisition and Divestiture services for the mid-market company.

The true value of a company cannot be realized unless it is comprehensively (but confidentially) marketed to all potential buyers wherever they may be located. In today’s global economy, companies increasingly have to develop international strategies to maintain competitive advantage, access new markets, acquire new technologies or defend market position. And often such international companies will pay a premium to secure right market position or technology. Our professional research team takes care to ensure that all potential buyers, domestic and international, are identified and approached to maximize the value of the business being sold.

GA Business Broker

We are different from your “Conventional” business brokers. We do not “Represent” either the Buyer or the Seller as a fiduciary agent.

Shawn Penoyer operates as M&A Business Broker with GA Business Broker, located in Brookhaven, Atlanta, Georgia. Sometimes we start with the Seller and find the Buyer; sometimes we start with the Buyer and find the Seller. In any event, we arrange for the introduction to the transaction and earn a fee on a “Success Basis” only.

Additional Value Added Finder Service in connection with the introduction of Buyers to Sellers include:Mergers and Acquisitions

puzzleCreation of Selling Documents (e.g. Executive Summaries, Profiles)
puzzleReconstruction of Financial Statements to help show Hidden Values
puzzleCustomized Buyer Searches
puzzleSeller Searches


We can help you in Buying or Selling “Mid-Market” businesses. We work directly with business owners, but also partner with other Brokers and Intermediaries to maximize their client options and support their growth and profit goals. And, we never ask for retainers and earn our finder’s fees only on the closing of a transaction.

The team brings the breadth of knowledge and international experience needed to serve this dynamic and diverse region.

GA Business Broker focuses on maximizing the value of our clients’ companies by:


  • Targeting the “right” buyers
  • Proactively preparing the company for a successful sale process
  • Optimally positioning the company’s value proposition
  • Efficiently and professionally managing the process
  • Creating a “competitive” bidding environment
  • Anticipating, and effectively responding to Buyer concerns
  • Aggressively negotiating deal terms
  • Maintaining deal momentum throughout the process

GA Business Broker assertive and proactive approach to the sales and due diligence process instills a sense of excslider__itement about the business, confidence in the management team, and enthusiasm about the deal.

GA Business Brokers success in optimizing sell–side valuations is centered on our ability to analyze the business of the seller, quantify the company’s core assets and how they can be leveraged, and then identify which acquirers will ascribe maximum value to those assets. Our objective is to create a competitive bidding environment with more than one potential acquirer to maximize the sales price for the business owners. This process has often enabled GA Business Broker clients to receive significantly more value for their businesses than they initially thought possible.


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