Step by Step Tenants Atlanta Real Estate Sale

Renting a property can seem like a complicated process. To make things easier for you we’ve outlined the basic process of renting a property, so you know what to expect every step of the way.


Step 1 – Working out your budget

The first thing to think about when looking to rent a new property is how much rent you’d like to pay each month. We feel we have a duty of care not only to our landlords but to you, to ensure you can adequately cover the cost of the rent. To see how we work out what rent you can afford based on your income, use the affordability calculator. Bear in mind that if you’re joint tenants moving into a property you can base the affordable rent on your total combined income.
It is important at this stage to set a budget, you may already have a figure in mind but to help we have provided a budget planner, to ensure you have considered all potential costs associated with renting a property. If you have not rented a property before please speak to a member of staff who will be happy to help to give you an idea of cost of utility bills etc.

Step 2 – Starting your research

Ideally you should start viewing properties no longer than two months before the date you wish to move and there are many ways to find properties available to rent. Now that you know how much rent you can afford, search for properties to rent using the search box on our homepage to find street name or area, or search multiple areas using our handy map.

Or, why not let us do the leg work for you? We live and breathe property so the best way to find a suitable home is to contact us, register your details and discuss your requirements. Give as much information as possible about what type of property you are looking for and what your main requirements are. This will help us to ensure we find you your ideal property as quickly as possible, and don’t waste time viewing unsuitable properties. We know the area well and have insight as to when properties are becoming available before they are marketed, and we can keep you one step ahead of the crowd. We take a proactive approach to sourcing suitable properties and will alert you to new properties coming on to the market via text, email, phone and post, whichever you prefer.

Step 3 – Successful viewings

Once you have selected the properties you’d like to view, we will arrange viewings at a time that suits you. We have extended our opening hours to include late evening and weekend viewings, and will do our best to meet your viewing requirements, subject to property availability. It’s best to make sure anyone who will be on the tenancy agreement comes to view the property viewings. You will always be accompanied by a member of our staff. Our agents have mobile access to our full database, so they can show you all our latest properties whilst on the move, and will always be able to answer any questions you may have.

Step 4 – Reserving the property

Once you have chosen your property, the application process begins. We have devised a process that is fair to both the landlord and you as the potential tenant. Once you’ve chosen a property, you will need to place a holding deposit with us, which will be refunded to you when you move into the property. We will then place the property on hold for 5 working days and stop conducting viewings. Once we’ve received all the slider__items necessary in your application, we’ll confirm your details to the landlord. Applications are avaliable for you anytime, just contact one of our Agents. If landlord is ready to proceed, we will move forward with referencing immediately. However, if the landlord decides not to go ahead at this stage because of information given on your application forms, we will return all the fees you’ve paid.

Step 5 – Proceesing the Application

The speed of your purchase can be greatly enhanced by choosing an efficient and experienced solicitor who knows the area you are moving into and specialises in conveyancing. We recommend selecting a solicitor at this stage to avoid delays further down the line; this will also give you time to shop around for the best deal. Don’t be lead by price alone – carry out a little research, ask for recommendations and compare quotes. Key points to think about are; Is the fee fixed or will it increase from the amount quoted if more work is required. If the sale falls through will you be charged for work carried out, or will the fees be waived (often referred to as ‘no sale no fee’). Will you be dealing directly with the solicitor or with a call centre or ‘team’.

Step 6 – Agreeing your tenancy

We will contact you to confirm you have passed referencing and set a date for the tenancy to start. We will also send you a statement of account showing what you have already paid and your outstanding balance. You will not be allowed to move into a property until we have received both the first month’s rent and your security deposit in cleared funds.

A copy of the tenancy agreement will be sent to you and any guarantors to read and make sure you are happy with the content. This is a legal document and it’s important that you understand what you are signing. If you have any questions please contact us or seek legal advice. The guarantor must ensure that they sign and return their copy to us before the tenancy start date, as failure to provide this will postpone the tenancy start date and could jeopardise your tenancy completely. We will make an appointment for you to come into our office to sign the tenancy documents and pay all outstanding funds.

Step 7 – Preparing to move

There are lots of things to remember when moving house. We have prepared the moving checklist which counts down the 4 weeks until moving day giving helpful tips and advice so you can be well prepared for your moving day making it as stress free as possible.

Step 8 – Moving in

At last, it’s moving in day! You will need to come to our office at an agreed time to sign the tenancy agreement, pay all the money due and collect any other relevant documents. This should take no more than 30 minutes. You will then be accompanied by a member of staff to the property where we will:

Moving Day Atlanta Real Estate Sale


  • Show you where all the meters are and take readings.
  • Provide you with essential information such as where the stop tap is and when the bins go out.
  • Wherever possible supply you with instruction manuals for electrical appliances, the heating system, oven etc.
  • Give you a copy of the inventory to check and sign.
  • Give you two complete sets of keys.
  • Answer any general questions you may have about the property.

Please allow at least an hour for this process as you will need to sign the inventory on the day and we don’t want you to feel rushed.

All our managed properties are professionally cleaned before you move in to ensure they are in the best possible condition.