The Stacks Lofts in Cabbagetown-

Two mighty stacks rise up above a historic mill established by an immigrant entrepreneur in the late 19th century. In operation for a hundred years this once bustling bag mill closed its doors towards the end of the next century. Standing abandoned and neglected its fate and history were up in the air until the 1990s when it was transformed into loft homes, retaining the unique characteristics and historical architecture of a once prosperous cotton mill.

Today the Stacks Lofts have over 500 units and a close knit, active community. They overlook the city of Atlanta to the northwest and sit on the edge of Cabbagetown, a Landmark District with narrow streets and colorful shotgun houses. The Carroll Street business district of Cabbagetown, with restaurants, bars, and a small market, sits right outside the the Loft’s


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The Stacks at Fulton Cotton Mill

Historic Loft at the Stacks close to everything Intown Atlanta has to offer. Walking distance to the Atlanta Beltline, Historic Oakland Cemetery, Krog Street Market, MARTAThe Stacks has a MUST SEE rooftop patio with stunning views of downtown Atlanta at night making it the perfect place for entertaining. The pool and a top-notch amenities are unmatched w this popular loft community!

The Stacks Atlanta

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